Lasagna Fairy

Today my sister in law took Ry for the day so he could play with her daycare kiddos. The girls were in school and it was just Gavin and I. While trying to decide what to make for supper I saw my husband had posted the following on facebook:image10

He spells it lasagne and I spell it lasagna which made me wonder what the difference is. In case you are wondering, a quick google search tells me that in North America most people use lasagna where non North Americans use lasagne. Which in my books means I am right and he is not.

I was already leaning towards pasta because there was shredded turkey and a few bags of frozen sauce in my freezer. So this became my dinner plan. Gav was napping and I had some free time. I love food blogs, so decided that since I now have a blog, I was going to pretend to be a food blogger.

I grabbed my sauce and turkey out of the freezer and defrosted it in cold water, then tossed them both in the slow cooker.  (We no longer own a microwave, as ours decided shooting sparks was a fun game. We rarely used it and chose the extra counter space instead of replacing it.)


The sauce looked a little lonely and wanted some more veggies. So more veggies were chopped.


Still needed more color. Spinach is a must in lasagna.


All mixed in with the cottage cheese and egg. I call this Spit Up Salad. My child spits up a lot so everything resembles that lately. Gross.


He is pretty sweet despite his gross habits. Don’t you just want to kiss those chubby cheeks?  Happy for a few minutes after his short nap, but then decided he would be cranky again. Its a good thing we were almost done.


All ready for assembly.


A little cheese on top and it’s ready for the oven.


All done. Only a couple of complaints from the kiddos, I usually hide my veggies a little better as the girls don’t love chunks of mushrooms and peppers. The promise of chocolate bars for dessert was enticing enough to get in in their tummies.


I have never made lasagna with turkey before and I think I liked it better. I often use ground chicken versus ground beef and most times prefer the chicken. Except Whoppers. Then I love beef. MMMM…. Whoppers. I will miss you fast food, but my bank account, waist line and health will not.

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