Today we had plans to go to church, come home, have lunch, head over to Jen’s to work on the kids Halloween costumes and then have our yummy Leftover Turkey Dinner Casserole. The girls had slept over last night and were thrilled to be getting in so much cousin fun.

We made it to church, came home and had lunch. Then our plans took an unexpected turn…. Ryan was playing in our room while I was feeding Gavin in bed. He all of a sudden came up to me and told me his belly hurt. Since he had just been in the bathroom, I assumed he wasn’t finished and asked if that was the problem.

“No” he answered looking a little panicked.

“Do you need to throw up?” I asked, now feeling panicked myself.

“No,” he answered again.

“Well why does your belly hurt?”

“Umm something in my mouth.”


“A tooth in my mouth.”

I realized he had been playing with Em’s Mr. Potato Head like Olaf. “You mean you swallowed OLAF’S TEETH?”



He nods and tries to hide. I ask him a few more times as I can’t believe he swallowed it as it wasn’t that small. I ended up calling 811 and they said because he was complaining of tummy pain he had to go in and get checked out. So off we went and 2 1/2 hrs later we had a cool picture of Ryan’s insides and were advised it should pass on it’s own. I have a feeling that will be uncomfortable.

I have been singing to myself all day now,  “Do you want to build  eat a snowman?”

We didn’t end up working on costumes but still had a delicious supper and a great visit.

See the white spot on the right side of the picture in his ribs? Those are the teeth.



This is the poor toy, that ended up in our garbage tonight. 😦


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